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Swim Costume

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Swim with purpose in our Swim Costume, crafted from 80% recycled polyamide and 20% recycled spandex. These swimsuits are not only stretchy and resilient, ensuring a perfect fit for all aquatic adventures, but they are also a nod to our commitment to the planet. By using recycled materials, we're ensuring that your swimwear is reducing its environmental footprint. Make a splash and a difference with our sustainable Swim Costume.

Materials & Care

80% Recycled Polyamide and 20% Recycled Spandex

Rinse Immediately: After every swim, rinse your swimsuit in cool water to remove chlorine, salt, or sand particles. These elements can damage the fabric's elasticity over time.

Hand Wash: Rather than machine washing, hand wash your swimming costume in cold water using a gentle, eco-friendly detergent. Avoid using bleach or harsh cleaners, which can fade the colours and harm the fabric.

Dry Naturally: Gently squeeze out excess water (don't wring or twist it), then lay it flat to dry in a shaded spot. Sun exposure can fade the colour, while tumble drying can damage the spandex.

Avoid Ironing: Due to the high synthetic content and elasticity of the fabric, ironing isn't recommended as it can melt or distort the material.

No Dry Cleaning: The chemicals used in dry cleaning are too harsh for swimwear materials and can reduce the longevity of your swimsuit.


We are currently calculating the carbon footprint and will update this shortly. Learn more about how we calculate our carbon footprint and our commitments to balancing our emissions by funding social impact carbon projects.

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  • One For All

    By purchasing a uniform for your child, you have given a child in need a uniform in Africa.