Embrace A Education Beyond Walls

The classroom is a springboard for learning, but when it comes to understanding climate change and global citizenship, there's nothing quite like real-world experiences. That's why we're extending an exclusive invitation for your students to step out of the textbooks and into the heart of nature, cultivating deep, meaningful connections with our planet and its diverse inhabitants.

As part of our dedication to nurturing future change makers, we've joined forces with Mountain Quests. Together, we're offering a seven-day journey into the lesser-trodden corners of Kenya, providing a firsthand look at the impacts of climate change and the inspiring efforts to combat it.

Witness Transformation in Action

Your students will step behind the scenes of the Wildlife Works Kasigua Corridor REDD+ project, which we proudly support through Kapes uniform sales. They'll gain a rich understanding of how this initiative protects wildlife, preserves forests, and uplifts the local community by meeting the social enterprises championing these causes.

In the Pursuit of Sustainable Knowledge

Students will join in the noble pursuit of citizen science, actively participating in conservation efforts. They'll interact with the local community, discovering their innovative sustainable practices — from transforming elephant dung into paper to crafting intricate baskets. Collaborating with research scientists and park rangers, students will acquire new skills and contribute valuable data to the project, all the while experiencing breathtaking wildlife encounters.

A Journey of Mutual Impact

The unique ethos of our journey isn't about going to 'make a difference' — it's about letting Africa make a difference in your students. We firmly believe that true empowerment lies in recognizing and celebrating the capabilities of the local community. Your students will not only learn about the impacts of climate change but also the ingenious solutions and sustainable practices these communities have honed, each aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This isn't just a trip. It's a transformative experience that will influence the way your students perceive and engage with the world. Welcome to the education of the future.