Did you know that fashion is responsible for a whopping 10% of global emissions and consumes 4% of our planet's freshwater? Even worse, 80% of clothing ends up in landfills or incinerated. School uniforms, unfortunately, are part of this equation. Most are made from plastic - a byproduct of fossil fuels, shedding microplastics with every wash and wear, or conventional cotton which relies on toxic fertilisers and pesticides to be grown. The sad destiny of these uniforms is a landfill, a journey accelerated by the swift growth of children. There, they linger for centuries, refusing to decompose.

But hey, we at Kapes believe that there's a better way - a path where sustainability marries social responsibility. Kapes sprung from Matthew Benjamin’s burning desire to address the climate crisis and revolutionise school uniforms in one fell swoop. But we're not here just to sell uniforms - far from it. We're on a mission to make the world a better place, championing the underrepresented and inviting your school to rally with us.

Imagine if we could instil in children the importance of conscious consumerism - understanding the who, what, and where of their clothing production, right from their school days. If we could show them how their uniforms can be a force for good, we could mould a generation of global citizens mindful of their impact.

That's why we've woven sustainability into the fabric of Kapes, to illuminate a brighter future for as many kids as we can. We believe it's crucial to foster a deep bond between children, our planet, and its people.

Creating a more sustainable future through education is a monumental task, and we've only just scratched the surface. Here are some milestone Achievements That Motivate Us to keep pushing forward:

  • Impact

    While many in the uniform industry hide behind buzzwords, at Kapes, we face the facts. We're the only school uniform provider to assess and publicly share the carbon footprint of our products, actively working to offset this impact.

  • One For All

    Every student we sell a uniform for ensures a free uniform for a child in need. In 2022, we proudly partnered with Kenya's Kirigu Primary School, working to drastically reduce school absenteeism through this initiative.

  • Camp Kapes

    At Kapes, we're passionate about teaching students the impact of their clothing choices. In 2023, we took students from The Arbor School to visit our carbon offset project in Kenya, tangibly connecting them to the world of sustainable fashion.