Reduce barriers to education

In many developing countries the cost of a uniform can be the single biggest barrier to receiving an education due to the cost. In some cases, children are not allowed to attend school without a uniform and it isn’t uncommon for a child to wear the same uniform for years. A free Kapes uniform helps level the playing field and gets more kids from poorer backgrounds into school and allows children to feel comfortable and confident in class.

A community effort

By making these uniforms locally we help to provide sustainable job opportunities, which not only helps the local community lift themselves out of poverty but also supports deforestation because it means they don’t need to resort to cutting down trees in order to make a living. The knock-on effect is that the profits from making these uniforms help to support local projects that again help keep trees in the forest and protect wildlife.

Our goal is to provide 1,000,000 free uniforms to children in need across Africa. Here is why.