Enough For All, Forever

The Arbor School in Dubai is a trailblazer in eco-conscious education. With a curriculum that places a significant emphasis on ecological literacy, environmental justice, and sustainability, it's a school that's truly making a difference. Nestled in the thriving cityscape of Dubai, the Arbor School provides a nurturing environment for 1300 students, where they are not only educated but are inspired to care about the world around them.

Making Sustainability The Norm

At Kapes, we connected with The Arbor School’s mission from day one. Back in 2021, we partnered with them to revolutionise the way their uniforms were made. They were ready to say goodbye to uniforms made from virgin synthetics and conventional cotton, and hello to sustainable alternatives. We worked hand-in-hand to create uniforms crafted from organic cotton, recycled polyester and lyocell - sustainable, comfortable, and fit for purpose.

Uniforms That Make a Difference

But our partnership didn’t stop at transforming The Arbor School's uniforms. Our mission to make a difference took us thousands of miles away, to Kirigu Primary School in Nairobi, Kenya. As part of our partnership, we've supplied hundreds of free school uniforms to students in need at Kirigu Primary School. These uniforms are made in the world’s first carbon neutral garment factory in Kenya, with profits going towards initiatives that protect wildlife and the forest.

Carbon Neutral & Proud

Along with providing ethically made uniforms, we're fully committed to offsetting the environmental impact of our production process. For every uniform item sold to The Arbor School, we've purchased carbon credits in the Wildlife Works REDD+ project, effectively making each uniform carbon neutral. It’s a tangible step towards mitigating our impact and promoting a healthier planet.

Since partnering with Arbor, we have avoided 17,623km of driving emissions, saved enough electricity to power 3 million LED lightbulbs for an hour, saved 2.2 million litres of water, diverted 100,800 plastic plastic bottles from landfill, and saved 17,093 m2 of land from synthetic pesticides.

A Memorable Journey to Camp Kapes

Come May 2023, the bond between The Arbor School and Kapes was cemented further. Sixteen students embarked on an extraordinary journey to Kenya as part of the inaugural Camp Kapes trip. This was a rare chance for the students to see sustainability in action, beyond textbooks & classrooms. It was a journey filled with invaluable lessons about conservation, sustainable living, & the positive impact that social enterprises can bring about in developing communities.

  • Marching Together Towards A Greener Future

  • Our partnership with The Arbor School is more than just about uniforms. It’s about forging a path for sustainability in education and showing how the humble school uniform can play a role in that. As we look towards the future, we're excited about the potential of this partnership to inspire positive change, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store next.