Creating A Narrative of Transparency

We're not just making school uniforms. We're stitching a story of transparency and responsibility, woven through every thread of our supply chain. We're well aware of the convoluted paths and ethical challenges lurking behind the fashion industry's glossy exterior, and we're forging a different route. One of honesty, clarity, and a dedication to both environmental and human well-being.

Our Stance on Fashion and Its Global Supply Chains

Let's address the elephant in the room - the school uniform industry isn't the shining beacon of ethical practices. With its expansive global supply chains, it's often shrouded in mystery, leaving human rights and environmental responsibility as afterthoughts. We at Kapes aim to challenge this status quo. We believe in doing business differently, prioritising transparency, sustainability, and fairness in every stitch of our uniforms.

Mapping the Journey - Our Commitment to Transparency

With Kapes, the journey of your uniform doesn't have to be a mystery. We've mapped out our entire supply chain, so you know exactly how your uniform came to be. And we've made it as easy as scanning a QR code found in the label of each product. This level of transparency allows us to ensure every step of the production process aligns with our ethical and environmental standards.

  • A Beacon of Certifications

    Our Partners

  • Our manufacturing partners aren't just selected based on their capabilities; they're chosen because they share our commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. We're proud to say that our partners in India and China are endorsed by key industry certifications

  • This audit ensures our factories comply with labour rights, guaranteeing fair remuneration, decent working conditions, and the enforcement of ethical business behaviours.

  • Our factories align with Sedex principles, upholding labour rights, business ethics, and environmental responsibility throughout our supply chain.

  • · Our suppliers are Oeko-Tex certified, which assures the material we use is free from harmful substances, making them safe for your children and kind to our planet.

  • Our commitment to incorporating recycled materials into our products isn't just an intention, it's confirmed by the GRS certification held by our suppliers. We're not just recycling; we're doing it right.

  • · From sourcing to production, our suppliers and factories align with GOTS principles, ensuring the organic status of our textiles.